This blog has moved

March 18, 2010

I’m now at

No major overhaul apart from a brand spanking new picture of me smiling no less (apparently I look like a d**k in the one on the right, I’m told.) The steffen78 in the URL didn’t make much sense given that steffenmoller is my name and my Twitter ID. So please update your readers et al if you’re regular visitors. Thanks!


One Response to “This blog has moved”

  1. Hello Steffen,

    Indeed, it makes more sense in terms of self-branding. However, in terms of SEO, it’s not a so good idea the way you did it. Actually, you are more or less duplicating the content of your blog elsewhere which will probably led to a penalty by a search engine like Google.

    The proper way – I guess – would be to redirect the domain to with a permanent redirection. However, I don’t know how this can be handled with… Anyway, be always careful when migrating to another domain.

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